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Last updated 16 April 2016

Best Spider-Man short stories

My article on where to start reading Spider-Man comics is for people trying to jump into over fifty years of continuous Spider-Man issues. Which is awesome, but also kinda crazy. Some people just want simple, self-contained Spider-Man stories. These are great for gifts and libraries because they’re not just the start of something, but a complete story.

These are my favorite self-contained Spider-Man stories:

Inhuman Error

This series is shorter than a normal trade, but is really great if you want to read a hilarious non-stop-jokes Spidey, and get introductions to the Inhumans, who are playing a big role in the Marel TV shows and soon the movies, and Sam Wilson, who is Falcon in the movies, as the new Captain America.

Amazing Spider-Man Special #1, page 16

Spider-Man & the X-Men

This story has Spidey as a guest-teacher at the X-Men School, teaching a class while secretly trying to find out if the school has a mole. It’s a great mix of funny situations and Spidey doing his best in way over his head.

Amazing Spider-Man Special #1, page 16

Spider-Man: Blue

Very different from the last two, this is Peter’s love letter to Gwen Stacy. Great if you want a modern take on a more classic era of Spidey. This book is the best I’ve ever read at capturing the spirit of early Spider-Man comics in the modern age.

Amazing Spider-Man Special #1, page 16

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