Robert Kuykendall (KIRK-en-dahl)

Engineer and nerd in New York City



My most successful project is Where to start reading, a comic book reading recommendations wesbite which reaches 5-20k users per month (spiking alongside movie releases). The Python / Django code is on github. The most popular article, Where to start reading Spider-Man comics is usually right under Marvel and Wikipedia for the search "Spider-Man comics".

My only popular article not moved over to Where to start reading is Classic Doctor Who recommended viewing list, a list I put together while watching all 50 years of Doctor Who.

Open Source Libraries

Marvelous (github) — Python Library for interfacing with Marvel API, on PyPI.

Formsy (contributor) — A form input builder and validator for React JS

@mighty-justice/fields-ant — Library with CRUD UI components for Ant Design


Weekly Pulls ( backend, frontend, api cache ) — Personal comic reading list manager, automatically populated from the Marvel API

Movie Rankings — Generates a master-list of my favorite movies by running ELO rankings on pairings generated from a folder of smaller ranking lists.

Philogen (github) — Generate and vote on funny markov chains online, created for the Philolexian Society.

Map World News (github) — Visualization of sentiment on all world news sources, in Python/Flask and ES6/React.

one-page-cms (Github) — Simple PHP, SQLite, markdown CMS in 300 lines

HTML5 Comic Book Reader (github) — Web Browser Comic Book Reader, forked from existing project in HTML5 and JS.